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試験科目:Certified Internal Auditor - Part 2, Conducting the Internal Audit Engagement
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NO.1 According to the International Professional Practices Framework, which of the following is not
an objective of the exit conference?
A. Plan future engagements.
B. Receive client feedback and clarification.
C. Resolve disagreements.
D. Review audit recommendations.
Answer: A


NO.2 According to IIA guidance, which of the following statements is false regarding a review of the
controls in place to prevent fraud?
A. The scope of the review does not need to include all operating areas of the organization.
B. The review should focus on the efficiency of the controls in place to prevent fraud.
C. The review should assess whether the internal controls can be circumvented.
D. The cost of the control should be compared to the benefit of mitigating the related risk.
Answer: B

IIA-CIA-Part2知識 IIA-CIA-Part2基礎問題集

NO.3 In response to an audit finding, senior management informed the auditor that the issue would
be investigated and resolved when time permitted. According to the International Professional
Practices Framework, this action was not acceptable because:
A. The appropriate level of management was not involved in the review and resolution of the issue.
B. Responses should include sufficient information to evaluate the adequacy and timeliness of
corrective action.
C. Other departments should have been contacted to determine if they shared responsibility for
corrective action.
D. The board had not reviewed management's responses to the engagement observations and
Answer: B


NO.4 When developing the scope of an audit engagement, which of the following would the internal
auditor typically not need to consider?
A. The operational and geographic boundaries.
B. The need and availability of automated support.
C. The potential impact of key risks.
D. The expected outcomes and deliverables.
Answer: C


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