試験科目:MySQL 5.6 Database Administrator
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>> 1z0-883受験資格

試験科目:Oracle Application Development Framework 12c Essentials
問題と解答:全90問 1z0-419試験解答

>> 1z0-419試験解答


JPexamは実環境であなたの本当のOracle 1z0-883受験資格に準備するプロセスを見つけられます。もしあなたが初心者だったら、または自分の知識や専門的なスキルを高めたいのなら、JPexamのOracleの1z0-883受験資格があなたを助けることができ、一歩一歩でその念願を実現することにヘルプを差し上げます。JPexamのOracleの1z0-883受験資格は試験に関する全ての質問が解決して差し上げられます。それに一年間の無料更新サービスを提供しますから、JPexamのウェブサイトをご覧ください。


NO.1 Your Business Components service has a view object (EmployeesView) with an attribute called
Surname. Surname has the Tooltip Text control hint set to "This is the surname field". Where is the
actual string for the tooltip defined? (Choose the best answer)
A. in the view object definition file, for example, EmployeesView xml
B. in a property set file with the default name PropertySet xml
C. in a string bundle file called ModelBundle properties
D. in the adf-config.xml file
E. in ViewObjectlmpl.java for the EmployeesView view object
Answer: A


NO.2 You want to configure an application so that users can shop for products anonymously without
authentication, and must then authenticate after they enter the checkout process How would you
enable this requirement? (Choose the best answer)
A. Grant roles access rights to the task flow containing the checkout process
B. Add a view containing a login form to the task flow containing the checkout process
C. Ensure the task flow containing the shopping process is unbounded
D. Remove ADF Security for the application and replace it with Java EE Security for the task flow
containing the checkout process
Answer: B


NO.3 Identify the two phases in the JSF life cycle that are always processed for a request, regardless if
errors occur. (Choose two)
A. Invoke Application
B. Restore View
C. Process Validations
D. Render Response
E. Apply Request Values
F. Update Model Values
Answer: B,E


NO.4 What should be in a managed bean, rather than a backing bean? (Choose the best answer.)
A. data that is used to decide if a field is shown as mandatory or not
B. code that manipulates the color of a text field on a JSF page
C. data that is used on another page in the task flow
D. code that opens a pop-up in the page
Answer: C

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